And so this time in Uganda comes to an end. I wish it wasn’t because, if I were here, we’d finish the ‘Hospital in the Hills’ in less than 8 weeks, because I am going to miss Hildah more than ever before, because I love it here and because this is where I can serve God best. But I have to fund this and God has given me the opportunity to do that in UK. So off I go.

As always, as I leave Uganda, I wonder if I’ve actually been of much good to the people that God has put on my heart. I have been here since 1st June – SIXTEEN weeks. Was it worthwhile?

Well……in my prayer diary I am currently thanking God for the following things that He has done in the last 16 weeks:

  • Josephine – taken from 15 months of inability to even stand to walking without aid…..and preaching about what God has done in her life in Mbale this weekend.
  • Alfa – the two year old for whom we funded an operation on a truly horrible hernia – home, healed and living life in all its fullness.
  • Michelle – the little girl born with Cerebral Palsy, saved from neglect and malnutrition and now loved and cared for and living with us in Kabale (Video next week!)
  • The Alpha Courses that we set up at Kigezi Baptist Church – where, in the past few weeks, 15 people have begun a living relationship with Jesus. Four of them were from the Foundation for People with Disabilities and two of them were the woman who teaches Computer Skills at the J10:10 computer school – and her husband! Mighty God!
  • My marriage to the amazing woman that God has provided for me – and the opportunity to encourage and validate our disabled friends and the kids that used to live rough
  • Dental treatment for 5 of the kids from the J1010 house. One of them came to me on Friday and said, ‘Now I can eat meat,’ through a very big grin!
  • Milly and Amulle – rescued from hate, abuse, homelessness and despair – I’m waiting for photos but, last weekend, Amulle was baptised and Milly gave her testimony at a Thanksgiving Service near her new home in Lira. Wow. Wow. Wow. Lord Jesus you take my breath away. I love you.
  • Asifiwe – born 10 weeks prematurely – and now home, growing normally and Joann and Spencer’s treasured first child. And only because God put me and J1010 in the right place at the right time
  • The J1010 House – now with electricity, water, cushions, smart new paint and a swing! Because of J1010, John and Becky. Home and a future for 17 wonderful children that are precious to us and to our God.
  • Boaz, Primson, Obed, Gerard, Elizabeth, Anthony and Flower: at school funded by J1010.
  • The Hospital in the Hills – waiting for its roof to be fitted – in just two weeks time. And creating employment for 20 villagers and hope for thousands.

And, amazingly, a new disciple of Christ convicted by what he read on this website. And Patricia, funded by a J1010 sponsor to care for Sandra and Timothy who were abandoned as babies. And the medical centre staff re-focussed on patient care and treating 500 patients per month. And 150 kids back at nursery in Kigazi. And 88,000 litres of clean, safe water. And probably at least 10 more things that I have forgotten.

Which all goes to show how much God can do if we let Him. Alleluia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!