A JCB in Kigazi to flatten the ground for the ‘Hospital in the Hills’. God’s mad economy. Alleluia.

The highs here are high…..and so the lows are naturally low. One of my all time Uganda lows was being arrested at gunpoint in Kampala last Thursday. In a surreal few moments a fairly low-key disagreement with a policeman over an alleged traffic offence escalated into a very odd situation as a passing Presidential Body Guard pulled a gun on me. I don’t think it helped that I laughed at him – the way that he held the gun showed he had been trained by British Security Services and I knew as well as he did that he wasn’t going to shoot me. But everyone else, including the original policeman, was terrified. So terrified he was shaking too much to get the hand-cuffs on properly. Ouch. There was then the charade of the police-station, the entirely predictable demands for bribes to make the problem go away, my point-blank refusal to pay a penny, a court-appearance, the opportunity to share the good news about Jesus with about a hundred prisoners, a fine and a criminal record in Africa as well as Europe. And all this because I used my mobile phone while driving. That’ll teach me.

But the highs over the past few days more than compensated. They included –

  • Seeing Josephine excelling at physiotherapy as she rebuilds the limbs that the surgeons reconnected
  • Telling prisoners that Jesus wanted to be part of their lives, that I cared about them…..and arranging visits to see them in Luzira prison in a few weeks time
  • Collecting Becky and John from the airport; volunteers from the UK returning to Uganda for the second time
  • Delivering little Moreen and her Mum to Kampala for the operation to give Moreen an anus – this is on Friday please pray
  • Watching little Michelle being measured for a CP chair that will help her with her posture, circulation and self-control
  • Watching the amazement and incredulity on the faces of the children and adults in Kigazi as the building programme for the ‘Hospital in the Hills’ finally began – with a JCB digger breaking the ground in a remote mountain-top village. Nothing is impossible for God!
  • Seeing baby Asipiwe for the first time since her miraculous survival at just 30 weeks

Life is chaotic at the moment. All of these people, all of these projects……and the small matter of a wedding on Friday and Saturday. Mine. Prayer appreciated/required/vital!

Michelle being measured for the CP chair that will improve her life. I love this photo!

The goal? A Hospital in the Hills for the poor, neglected, marginalised and rejected that God loves so much……YAY!