It’s a basic human right isn’t it? The ability to access health-care for yourself and your loved ones. Not in developing countries it isn’t. When I first fell in love with the man-God Jesus I was struck by how often his care for others included healing. Sometimes that was healing from past mistakes, freedom from guilt or from the condemnation of others…….but often it was from physical illness.

Imagine visiting the new health centre that Jesus built through J10:10 but then being told that you had to be hospitalised 20km away. Imagine knowing that if you are well enough to trek the 20km down sheer slopes then your whole family will have to come with you because there isn’t anyone in Government hospitals to feed you or wash you. And imagine knowing that the standards of care and hygiene are so low in the government hospital that you will probably die – perhaps on your first trip away from the village where you were born.

THIS is the reality for villagers in Kigazi – the remote, mountain-top village where J10:10 is working. But not (praise the God who loves the poor) for many more months. Because we have begun to build the ‘Hospital in the Hills’ that completes God’s vision for the people of Kigazi. The pictures you can see are of a store that we are building to hold the vast quantity of equipment that will be needed for this our biggest project. And pictures of a team beginning to measure out the land.

The store is now complete but I forgot to charge my camera! And the work begins in earnest next week. Assuming the bloody rain that shouldn’t fall in July stops. Here we go again…………………