The Hospital in the Hills will be built on the ground you see in front of the J1010 Health Centre

Finally, this week, we will break ground in Kigazi – as we start the construction procgramme for the ‘Hospital in the Hills’. It is the final part of the promises that I made to the people of Kigazi (on God’s behalf) nearly two years ago.

This remote, forgotten, neglected community now has water tanks containing over 90,000 litres of safe drinking water; a medical centre and accommodation for seven health service staff  who treat over 550 patients every month; a nursery educating and developing more than 170 children; and a programme that allows its children to access high quality primary education that has never been available to them before.

ALL by God’s grace and ALL under the insane economic system that God operates – everything for nothing.

It has, for this very impatient Mzungu (white), been a very frustrating five weeks as we have been through the process of ‘sensitising’ the community. This means convincing them that they need a hospital. As opposed to not having one and dying. Aaaaaggghhhh! I have not been intimately involved in this sensitisation process as, without the hospital being in place, it was suggested that my preferred method of sensitisation (banging their bloody heads together) might not be the best option.

And so after interminable speeches, meetings and discussions; last week the community formally requested that the Government build them a Maternity Unit and General Ward to complement the Medical Centre. This week the Government will discover that it doesn’t have the funds to do so. And then the District Health Officer will approach me and ask J10:10 to build it and co-manage it………… line with the agreement that I signed with the Government two years ago. Only in Africa……….

Displaying extraordinary powers of prophecy (!), I moved the first 200 timbers, 22 iron sheets and 25 bags of cement up to the village last Friday. So that this week we can build a store for all the equipment and materials that will be needed for this very big project and next week…….we can start to dig the foundations.

And create another structure in which the poor, sick, old, weak, young and disadvantaged  can receive love, care and healing in Jesus’ name.

The Hospital in the Hills – floor plans for God’s Amazing Grace