Not a bad week for God’s people as it happens. Wonderful life affirming news from Northern Uganda on Monday, Asifiwe surviving, beginning to thrive and home with her parents this Wednesday only seven and a half months after her conception…..and Josephine walking and starting physiotherapy today at CORSU Hospital. And most importantly in Josephine’s case – x-rays today show that the bone graft has taken and the bone at the end of her femur is growing again – exactly as we asked God to do.

It’s been a hell of a journey for Josephine and a challenging walk of faith since she was the sole survivor of 15 passengers in the minibus crash last April (2011). But this amazing, Spirit-filled Christian never doubted that she would walk again – by God’s grace. It was 4 months later that she met me, 14 months later that she received the operation she needed in Kenya and nearly 16 months later (today) that she heard the news she had longed for……that at the end of physiotherapy in less than 3 bmonths time – she WILL walk again.

Has my faith in God’s healing for this woman wavered over this period. Yes. Has Josephine’s? No.

And faith as small as a mustard seed…………..can move mountains. Thank you Jesus. Enjoy the weekend.


September 2011 shortly before our first trip to CORSU……..


…..and today – after the operation and x-rays that confirmed that she will walk unaided again. Thank you Lord.