Life is frantic………………but I wanted you all to know that Asifiwe, who I asked you to pray for a couple of weeks ago, is home. She was born in rural Uganda at just 30 weeks – the first child of Spencer and Joann who pastor the small church where I will be married in a couple of weeks time.

This is a miracle – answered prayer and proof once again that we are in the right place. A chance comment in a meeting with Spencer spooked me and I insisted on taking Joann to hospital immediately. J1010 paid for the treatment that she needed and all the medical costs for Asifiwe’s first two weeks of incubated life. By some miracle she has developed splendidly, survived and thrived. Without our help she would not have lived – there is no way that her parents could have afforded the immense medical costs of…………£82.50.

It’s such a messed up world. Thank you Lord for helping us to try and put it right in our small way. You are wonderful – thank you for saving this baby girl.