……and there was light……after 4 weeks of threats, persistent and vaguely threatening visits to the electricity provider and a complete recabling of the J10:10 House. Nothing is simple in Uganda. But it was worth it just to see their faces.

On my return to Uganda 6 weeks ago I found that whilst the J10:10 house was filled with love and Jesus…..it was also filled with a fairly unpleasant smell in the corridor and very UN-filled with electricity. The Landlord had promised and promised our Ugandan staff that he would fulfill his obligations……and he had not done so. The return of the difficult and aggressive mzungu (white man) quickly prompted a meeting and an admission from him that he had no money to carry out repairs. We agreed that I would fund them instead  and that we would then offset anything I spent against rent. Which was exactly the compromise that I wanted. The water problems were resolved a few weeks ago and, today, the power was restored.

It is, of course, the first time that any of our seventeen children have lived in a house with running water or toilets. But that’s old news! Today, when they returned from school, they were able to do homework, get changed and bathe in electric light. One of the things that I love most about children here in Africa is the absolute delight that they have in the simplest things. If you could have seen their faces! They sang and they danced and they thanked God for their sponsors, the wonder of their new life in school and in town and for the stupendous miracle of light after the sun goes down.

In many ways these poor children are SO much richer than their western counterparts. God is very good.

Welcomed into the light!!!

Homework in the light with teacher – Auntie Margaret