Grandma, Timothy, Sandra and Patricia……a family made possible by God and two UK Christians

Life is not a holiday but an education. And the one eternal lesson for us all is how better we can love.  Henry Drummond (1851-97)

Patricia is great example of how to love. I wrote about her sometime ago – a single mother with a daughter in secondary school (and school fees to pay) who found one abandoned baby, had another brought to her……..and adopted them both. Readers may remember that Sandra, then aged about a day old, was found by Patricia abandoned on a hillside with her throat cut. Cut incompetently – thank the Lord that loves children. Timothy was left in a hedgerow. In a society where money is increasingly scarce there has been a significant increase in the number of newborn babies abandoned in pit latrines. Heartbreaking.

A J10:10 blog reader read about Patricia, Sandra and Timothy and offered to sponsor the family. He and his wife are not wealthy but felt God prod them into action and they make the difference between survival and complete breakdown for this family. Patricia works hard, earns a reasonable wage (less than £100 a month) but could not afford to care for these two children without the help of this couple. It’s an active lesson in loving better and Patricia, Sandra and Timothy are grateful beyond measure for it.

I visited them yesterday – and it was brilliant to see how they have thrived. Sandra starts school in January…..and Timothy is just starting to walk. Hildah and I spent about an hour with them and just delighted in what God can do though us – if we’re willing.

A good end to a hard but great week.


Timothy – big hair, big smile and a loved life that looked impossible as he lay abandoned in a field

Patricia and Sandra at home. The scars have healed and Sandra is excited about school in January. ‘Suffer little children to come unto me’. YAY!!!