Welcome to J10:10 - People who love JESUS and hate poverty and injustice

- enough to be stuck in rural Africa trying to live life 'upside-down'

  • Clean Water

    Clean Water

    Providing 260,000 litres of clean water and starting sustainable water purification projects.

  • Education


    Providing a high level of education to every child we can through a sponsorship led program.

  • Love


    Treating every adult and child with love, compassion and care through education, security and purpose.



    Providing compassionate healthcare locally to villagers as well as a hospital ‘that delivers babies safely’.

J10:10 Projects

  • Clean Water

    Clean Water

    Clean Water, Projects

    More than one billion people on the face of our planet do not have access to clean, safe drinking water....

  • Nursery Education

    Nursery Education

    Nursery Education, Projects

    Here’s a statistic to make you want to scream, cry and batter something inanimate. Or a world leader. If a...

  • Primary School Education

    Primary School Education

    Primary School Education, Projects

    ‘The ONLY weapon that we have against poverty…………..is education’ – Nelson Mandela Before our God, the God who loves the...

  • Gender Equality

    Gender Equality

    Gender Equality, Projects

    Women are second best in much of Uganda. Despite doing nearly all of the childcare, farming, cooking, caring and domestic...